Motorbunny is a company to facilitate sells two foremost products: The Motorbunny Original and the Motorbunny Buck. Both are ride-on-top saddle vibrators to facilitate fall on the jaw-dropping characteristic of the set a price spectrum. During my Motorbunny Buck reconsideration, I was hopeful their skin tone would be jaw-dropping as well.

Until a link of weeks previously, I had not at all in my life tried a vibrating saddle robot. And I had several questions or initial my reconsideration, like: Would it be too rough representing easily hurt clits? Is it fit representing solo consume? How troublesome would it be to assemble? And, who spends $1,500 on a sexual category toy? I was quick to discovery improbable.

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The Motorbunny Buck: Something to Get the Sex Party Started
During the sexual category toy beast kingdom, the best-known beast is the rabbit. However, I’ve show your face across several other species in my delve into, as well as dolphins, butterflies, and even the irregular ostrich. Now, at hand is the Motorbunny, which, in the same way as learning basic beast husbandry, I can single believe is the young of a rabbit and a dirt bike.

From the outset, I knew to facilitate the Motorbunny Buck would indeed be begging to be the focus of attention next to the then orgy. But I wondered if it would return the tried-and-true toys in my nightstand. For the set a price, everybody who buys this will probably would like to comprehend a lot in life of consume improbable of it.

Let’s dive into the Motorbunny Buck reconsideration.

Motorbunny Buck with all the accessories
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Design and Features of the Motorbunny Buck
The differences amid Buck and the real thing models are the silicone attachments (instead of TPE), a justification outlook wedge to plunk it in a doggy view, and the thrusting trait. Strangely, the company lowered the warranty time from five years to single solitary day.

Motorbunny Buck skin tone next to a glance:

Material: Silicone
Size: 10″ H x 13.24″ W x 12.49″ L
Color: Black
Mechanism: G corner thruster and saddle vibrator
Weight: 17.8 lbs
Durability: Two fill with or 1000 lbs
When the Motorbunny Buck here next to my flap, it was tastefully enclosed in a cardboard box. But to facilitate was it. There was rejection packaging to converse of. After I opened the cardboard box, at hand was a further cardboard box to facilitate enclosed the toy inside. So, it’s not very giftable based on presentation. But who gives $1,500 gifts, anyway?

The Motorbunny Buck body and remote
The attachments to facilitate show your face with the Motorbunny Buck standard kit are made of silicone, which is non-porous, body-safe, and silky soft. But if you comprehend the Vac-U-Lock bundle, the Doc Johnson dildos are made of UltraSkyn/TPE, a more porous material.

So, if you pick up a Motorbunny Vac-U-Lock bundle, you’re departing to would like to keep an eye on the attachments and look representing several secret code of wear and tear or odor.

Lastly, if you’re using the Vac-U-Lock bundle attachments, salt away them independently from your other sexual category toys. Since TPE is porous, it can seep on other equipment, which will degrade them and nominate them potentially toxic. You’ll furthermore would like to salt away the Doc Johnson dildos independently from apiece other, since TPE toys will eventually melt organized.

The device in doggystyle view
At 10″ x 13.24″ x 12.49″, this issue is mammoth. It’s fat and onerous. And it won’t fit in your nightstand; it may well barely fit in your closet. Transpire prepared to nominate a quantity of universe representing this issue.

The body of the Motorbunny Buck is shaped like a tortoise, but fortunately, it rides like a hare. Further, the body is hard-wearing, which is compulsory what time you mean to ride on top of a saddle vibrator. It’s furthermore somewhat onerous, and the warranty won’t help you if you dewdrop it. So, market with thought.

On the front and back of the body are two metal eyelets apiece. This small specify is of detail edge to the kink society, as it makes attaching fetters to the Motorbunny a breeze. Handcuffs, ankle cuffs, nipple clamps, or a collar would twosome well with this robot.

The remote controlControls
Once you assemble the toy, the controls are very intuitive. There are two knobs on the Motorbunny Buck controller: Buck and thrill.

The buck protrusion will try up the intensity of the thrusting. Depending on whether you used the G-thrust toggle or the thrust toggle, the attachment will either make for straight up and down or promote and back next to a diagonal outlook.
A separate protrusion controls the thrill, which is pleasant.
Customizing the experience is crucial with a toy this strong! The solitary drawback is to facilitate at hand aren’t several set rhythms you can consume with the controls. If you would like a pattern, you’re departing to own to manipulate the knobs constantly all the way through, which is dull indeed.

The App
The app is furthermore relatively unproblematic to consume. You usual up an report and followed by choose to twosome your report with the adjacent Motorbunny Buck using the “search” trait to facilitate pops up without human intervention. The app icon reads “MB Link,” so it’s pretty discreet.

Screenshots from the smartphone app
The app defaults to the “control” screen, which operates very much like the authentic controls. You can try up the thrill and buck independently. To the same extent with the guide controls, the dials make for up to 11 sooner than 10, which is appropriate due to how powerful this sexual category toy is.
The then screen allows you to appeal to. You can choose thrill or buck and followed by consume your fingers to manipulate the intensity. If you like the pattern you came up with, you can save it and reuse it next to a further stage. Weirdly, what time I used the app, rejection stuff how small I drew the intensity on the thrill, it seemed to make for up to the highest power on the toy. There was rejection way to keep it next to a low level of sensation. It followed the patterns precisely, but it didn’t seem to gauge how much power to consume accurately. You can make for into the settings to usual the highest size representing the session, but even to facilitate didn’t sink the intensity.
The “routines” option allows you to select set rhythms representing the thrill and the buck, and you can twosome them organized to discovery which you like the unsurpassed. There are ten presets representing thrill and ten representing buck, so the combinations are almost endless. Since they own rhythmic presets on the app, it would own been pleasant to include a button on the controls to access these rhythms. But, if you would like to try them, you’ll own to download the app.
Next, you can usual up the Motorbunny representing auditory control using the tune option. The tune option lets you sync playlists, artists, albums, and songs to the Motorbunny representing a multi-sensory experience. You can furthermore consume the microphone so to facilitate the Motorbunny intensifies according to sounds contained by the extent, like your partner’s voice.
The after everything else option on the app is “online,” which is come again? You’ll consume if you would like to carry on the Motorbunny in the least with a long-distance partner.
The settings in the app offer supplementary ways to consume the Motorbunny. You can usual up an API recipe to twosome it with discrete games and apps, or you can even add Siri shortcuts to nominate the toy easier to consume.

There’s furthermore a secondary app to facilitate you can twosome with this thrusting sexual category robot, called Fappy Bunny. It’s a game you perform on your phone wherever a bunny flies through the air when you tap it, and you can’t give permission the bunny thump the ground or the maze of Mario-like pipes. When you nominate a gaffe, Buck goes to the for the most part intense vibration and followed by stops altogether. The senior you keep the bunny brief, the senior the intensity of the feelings. It’s not a game of intellect or strategy, but it’s beyond doubt fun.

The sexual category robot with the app and remoteCam Integration
You can usual up the Buck representing integration with Chaturbate, a admired camming locate. By setting up selected tip levels, you can allow members of the audience to control the Buck from their phone by conveyance them a individual link to consume. This trait is a fun way representing sexual category workers to grip their audience more interactively and incentivize tipping.

The chief attachment is a virtually totally apparent with a small bump, destined to be used with the thrill trait single. Then, at hand are two sizes of dildos, a way and a fat, to facilitate you can consume with both the thrill and the buck options on the control. Two action toggles are built-in: A thrust and a G-thrust. The thrust is a small attachment to facilitate you screw into the top opening of the Buck. When you place a dildo on top and try on “buck,” the dildo pulses straight up and down. The G-thrust has a wider vile to facilitate you screw into the opening. When you assign a dildo on top, it pulses up and promote, making it unproblematic to discovery a pleasurable outlook.

Lastly, it comes with a right-angle wedge to facilitate allows you to plunk the Buck on its characteristic so to facilitate it thrusts promote sooner than up, allowing riders to keep on their backs.

If you comprehend the Vac-U-Lock bundle sooner than the standard kit, it will show your face with a Vac-U-Lock adapter, two dildo attachments, and powder, giving you even more options to perform with. And at hand are many more attachments representing deal.

You can distinguish photos of all the attachments under:

The Thrust attachment
G-Thrust attachment
The Vac-U-Lock attachment
The totally silicone attachment
Motorbunny attachments
Aside from their attachments, Motorbunny furthermore sells accessories, as well as a “Chic n’ Sheer Kimono” and “Asshopper Booty Shorts.” On the more concrete characteristic, they sell like hot cakes the Easy Rider Freedom Sling, which is a type of seat to facilitate fits larger than the Buck so to facilitate you can stretch improbable your legs. It furthermore has handlebars to help with balance. This attachment would nominate the Buck even handier representing people with disabilities or everybody who doesn’t would like to sit on their knees representing extended periods. The lob factory representing intercourse exclusive of the Motorbunny and would nominate the cowgirl view a lot in life more comfortable representing everybody with seam anguish.

The Vac-U-Lock attachmentWarranty and Support
Motorbunny offers a one-year parts and labor warranty. After the warranty nail clippings, they offer $100 repairs.

However, they furthermore say to facilitate if something goes injure (preferably contained by 45 days of receipt), you can propel the toy back, and you will comprehend a refund minus a $199 inspection fee.

Motorbunny advises using passionate antibacterial soap and fill up or a sexual category toy cleaner to clean the attachments.

The Doc Johnson dildos will be a morsel more challenging to clean since they are made from TPE. For more in sequence around cleaning porous equipment, please check improbable this sexual category toy cleaning direct.

The wall plug connector
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How It Works
When you comprehend happening putting this issue organized, the direct says to allow an hour representing congress and getting used to. So, please don’t linger until it’s an orgasm emergency to start assembling the Motorbunny Buck. Once it’s assembled, single consume water-based lube on the attachments.

The Buck isn’t rechargeable. You plug it quickly into the wall via an AC/DC adaptor. It furthermore has a travel adaptor to facilitate would be compulsory representing everybody using this outside of North America.

To the same extent far as power, it has 0.08 horsepower. For a sexual category toy, that’s a load. The cord is long, which is crucial since using this go up to a wall wouldn’t necessarily be feasible.

My Experience with the Motorbunny Buck
Before I happening my Motorbunny Buck reconsideration, I was a little tense around the setup. I’m not even respectable next to putting clean furniture from IKEA organized, and this is by far the for the most part complicated sexual category toy I’ve still used. However, the direction guide was straightforward, and it came organized exclusive of me having a meltdown.

Further, I be apt to discovery toys marketed as “extremely powerful” or “turned up to 11” frightening and occasionally dreadful. I was a morsel concerned to facilitate, while many others may well love the intense, rumbly vibration, the Motorbunny Buck would be too much representing me.

But what time I tried it improbable, it allayed my fears. Though the Buck is swarming with power, it furthermore has a respectable sink range of thrill and buck intensities to facilitate will help accommodate a wider variety of clits and G a skin condition. Even on sink intensity vibration settings, the Buck is intoxicating and factory quickly. And, the feelings are someway both rumbly and buzzy next to the same stage. This is the kind of toy to facilitate will nominate you freeze with extended consume. Bonus: I didn’t own several anguish or stiffness in my knees what time I tried it.

I’ve mentioned how loud other sexual category toys were in earlier reviews, but nothing compares to the clamor of this toy. The buck setting is much quieter than the thrill, but both are loud. It’s like having an whole construction locate coupled with a rocket launch riding on a luggage train amid your legs. It’s not truly your neighbors to facilitate will hear you—it’s your neighbor’s neighbors. Anyone who lives in your terrace will know exactly come again? You’re up to, even on the lowest settings. The single way it can be a reduced amount of discreet would be if it built-in a function to facilitate texted all the contacts in your phone to give permission them know you’re masturbating.

The chief stage I used it, the Buck didn’t try on justification away. It has a “self-protect mode” to facilitate will try sour the sexual category toy if you plunk all your heaviness on it next to the lowest setting. The trick is to linger exceeding it until you comprehend it happening and followed by sit down.

The thrust and G-thrust settings on the buck are particularly powerful. I tried them single on the lowest setting and found to facilitate to be a load of stimulation. And I can’t imagine this toy leaves users of several kind wishing representing more power.

I furthermore used the right-angle wedge, which allows the user to keep on their back or comprehend on all fours. This attachment would be horrendous representing people with disabilities who own breakdown with grip or balance. It felt hard-wearing and not at all tipped.

Much to my stagger, my absolute favorite trait of the Buck was the game. I’m not much of a gamer but tallying the gamification to a sexual category toy was genius. It’s a respectable reminder to facilitate sexual category is said to be fun and surprising and whimsical—not efficient and task-oriented. I was furthermore startled to realize to facilitate you can usual the highest thrill with the game to a sink setting than 11. Though this didn’t handiwork representing me with the primary Motorbunny app, it worked truly fine with FappyBunny. I was able to keep the feelings thankfully low so to facilitate I can perform the game representing longer.

I don’t think it will return the average cast of typeset in my nightstand, but that’s single since of the amount of setup it takes to comprehend it quick representing consume. But I look after think to facilitate I’ll comprehend a lot in life of consume improbable of the Motorbunny Buck—even if my then orgy is not yet on the calendar.

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Review Summary
Stimulation 4.5 improbable of 5 stars
Features 4.7 improbable of 5 stars
Accessories 4.7 improbable of 5 stars
Cleanup 4.4 improbable of 5 stars
Price 3.5 improbable of 5 stars
Overall Rating 4.4 improbable of 5 stars
I was pleasantly surprised by how compliant this toy is and how well it can handiwork representing fill with in long-distance relationships, persons with selected disabilities, partners with ED, cammers, and orgy hosts. It’s a horrendous sexual category toy representing fill with of several gender who like inside or vibrating stimulation.

Extremely versatile
Great long-distance sexual category toy
Appeals to fill with of several gender
Fun representing orgies
The gamification trait is entertaining
Three silicone attachments
Can sync to tune
Can add Siri shortcuts representing convenience
Helpful representing fill with with individual disabilities
Easy camming integration
Large and troublesome to pelt
Significant learning curve or consume
Super loud
Not travel friendly
Who Should Try the Motorbunny Buck
Orgy hosts of all kinds must comprehend a Motorbunny, so they’re not at all wedged empty-handed (or empty-saddled, rather) what time a feast merrymaking as usual devolves into out-and-out decadence. People who own breakdown with grip or other disabilities would benefit from the hands-free thrusting robot you can view in several ways. Folks in long-distance relationships who own a taste representing the dramatic sort of sexual category toys will furthermore would like to invest in this beast.

Who Can Skip It
If you don’t own the money representing this toy, you can indeed discovery cheaper options to facilitate will handiwork as decent substitutes. Also, if you own prickly neighbors, this toy is not representing you. They will hear it, and they will own questions.

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How Buck Stacks Up Against Other Motorbunny Toys
The other sexual category toy to facilitate Motorbunny sells is the Original, which has a a small number of discrete skin tone than the Buck. On the Motorbunny Original’s controller, the options are revolve or thrill. The revolve action moves in a clique, as the appoint suggests. The Buck has an up-and-down or thrusting action, which seems a lot in life more natural (and comfortable!) to me than the revolve.

You consume the Motorbunny Buck’s attachments differently. To consume the fat attachment on the Original, you place the small dildo on chief and followed by stick the better solitary on top. It’s like the vintage nesting dolls of sexual category toys. Lastly, the Original is single $1,000, quite a morsel cheaper than the Buck. The Original comes with a five-year warranty, but it is not Bluetooth or online gifted if you salary second.

Alternatives to the Motorbunny Buck
The Sybian
The Sybian might own the for the most part appoint recognition in the globe of saddle vibrators. And it shares a lot in life of functionality with Motorbunny, but solitary of the judgmental differences is the set a price: The Sybian expenses $1,245 while the Buck expenses $1,549. The Motorbunny products own an option to salary in installments, which is obliging representing persons on a financial plan. The Sybian does not own the same flexibility.

The Sybian’s attachments show your face in two discrete flesh tones: Taupe or chocolate—and they furthermore show your face in purple. I look after be pleased about what time companies own more skin tones represented than truly the pale kind. The Sybian doesn’t show your face with metal eyelets, so everybody into BDSM will would like to select the Motorbunny.

The Sybian comes with a 5-year warranty compared to the Buck’s one-year, and you can pay money for a natural life warranty from Sybian representing an second $200.

The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine
The Cowgirl is a further Buck competitor. It single expenses $1,200, a a small number of hundred a reduced amount of than the Buck but doesn’t show your face with a game, but it does own an app representing remote control. The Cowgirl single comes with two attachments: A vibration-only attachment representing grinding on and an insertable attachment. So, if you would like to own more options, you’ll own to pay money for other attachments.

However, the Motorbunny comes with more options representing customization, so everybody looking representing a spacious range of experiences will likely would like to run through the second cash.

You can discovery more Motorbunny alternatives in this article.

Where to Buy Your Motorbunny Buck
You can pay money for your Buck thrusting sexual category robot quickly from the locate!

Thanks representing recital my Motorbunny Buck reconsideration.


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